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story of active sagooners

Sagoon – an everyday household name in South Asia is becoming a favorite social media platform among the young population in Nepal and India. Thousands of users are joining Sagoon daily to Connect friends, Share knowledge & experience, and Earn smart coins while spending time on the platform.

Sagoon offers you a revolutionary product – “Social Smart Card”, a digital wallet that enables you to earn smart coins on every story you post or any activity you do on the platform. The more your story becomes popular, the more smart coins you will earn. The more you earn, the more you shop and gift to your loved ones. Isn’t it amazing?

Sagoon has more than 8 Million users so far and together these users have performed over 300 Million activities on the platform. With these activities, users of Sagoon have earned over 1.3 Billion Smart Coins, out of that over 288 Million Smart Coins has been used for shopping 200,000 gift items.

Every month Sagoon selects 10 Active Sagooners running automated system and rewards them for being active over the month on the platform. They are also recognized as influencers.

Here are some very popular Active Sagooners.

Robin Shrestha

Robin Shrestha is a job holder by profession. He became a part of the Sagoon family in December 2019. He says “since then I have been enjoying the experience on this app. Being a Nepali app, I love using it”.

Robin is versatile and covers stories of almost every topic provided by the platform. To date, he has posted 8000 stories and has gained 1.11 Million likes.  The appreciation of his versatility can be known by his numbers which have reached 2.05 Million in terms of engagement. His content gained all these numbers in the span of just 7 months. How amazing is that!

He usually enjoys his time socializing on Sagoon and acknowledges that he loves to share his feelings and interests with other users while interacting with them.

Prashant Kumar

“On other platforms, I knew that my opinion or thoughts were limited to a limited number of people, but today due to Sagoon, my identity is on the global level”, says Mr. Prashant Kumar Singh who has a keen interest in Political updates.

He owns a shop in a local market in Bihar, but due to the pandemic, the business has been paralyzed. However, Sagoon has become a source for him to earn money and share his creative thoughts on Politics at the same time.

His enthusiasm for governmental issues is at an outrageous level. Today, through Sagoon his personality is on a global level. Until this point in time, he has posted more than 22,000 stories which became so popular that hits over 3 Million engagement.

Gazala Omer

Gazala is a mother of two. With getting married early and having two children at an early stage, every last bit if her time and energy spent bringing up two girls and caring for her family.

She stumbles on sagoon one day and it became her digital buddy. She says “On Sagoon I like to share content which I love and it gives me a pleasant feeling when I see people reacting to my content”. Through Sagoon she is a motivation for many other ladies who have the ability but cannot unveil it.

Until today, she has posted over 5000 stories and has gained 1 Million views on the same. What’s more promising than this!

Manoj Sharma

He is an Indian entertainer, who has worked with many realized characters like Paresh Rawal, Naseeruddin Shah, Anu Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Taapsee Pannu, and Vinay Pathak to give some examples. Manoj connects with his fans by posting videos where he recounts stories in a fun and connecting way
His most popular character on Sagoon is ‘Mama Muhaavre Wale’. With this character, Manoj shows Hindi Muhaavre in a great way. Manoj expresses gratitude towards Sagoon for continually helping in troublesome occasions for specialists when film shoots are shut because of Pandemic.

Until today he has posted more than 950 stories and got 1,98,000 views. He enjoys the experience of posting content on Sagoon and sharing knowledge with other sagooners, which he believes is his proud moment.

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