Canon, Nikon, and Sony have mostly used camera in Nepal. Canon and Nikon cameras are widely available in Nepal on Online stores as well as offline retailers. You may be in the dilemma that most of the people you saw use FujiFilm camera, yes you are right but Fujifilm does not have as many audiences or users in Nepal compared to others. Camera Price in Nepal may fluctuate with offline sellers and online sellers. Here are our picks of Camera Price in Nepal.

Canon Camera Price In Nepal

Canon Camera Model  Best Price in Nepal 
Canon EOS 1200D Rs. 36,500
Canon EOS 4000D Rs. 44,999
Canon EOS 3000D Rs. 45,990
Canon EOS M100 Rs. 60,990
Canon EOS 200D Rs. 65,990
Canon EOS 700D Rs. 75,490
Canon EOS M50 Rs. 77,990
Canon EOS 250D Rs. 80,000
Canon EOS 800D Rs. 85,990
Canon EOS 80D Rs. 1,24,990
Canon EOS 6D Mark II Rs. 2,07,490
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Rs, 3,44,990

Nikon Camera Price in Nepal

Nikon Camera Model  Best Price In Nepal 
Nikon D3400 Rs. 47,000
Nikon D3500 Rs. 53,000
Nikon D7200 Rs. 1,0,7000
Nikon D750 Rs. 2,15000
Nikon D810 Rs. 3,15,000
Nikon D850 Rs.3,85000
Nikon Z6 Rs. 2,45,000
Nikon Z7 R. 3,95,00

Sony Camera Price In Nepal 

Sony Camera Model Best Price in Nepal
Sony Alpha a6000 Rs. 55,573
Sony Alpha a6300 Rs.99,000
Sony Alpha a6400 Rs.1,42,500
Sony Alpha a6500 Rs.1,28,500
Sony Alpha a6600 Coming Soon
Sony Alpha a7 III Rs.2,56,500
Sony Alpha a7R Rs.1,10,000
Sony Alpha a7s II Rs.2,53,000
Sony Alpha A7R II Rs.1,60,000
Sony Alpha A7R III Rs. 4,20,000(Body Only)
Sony Alpha AR IV Rs. 4,70,250
Sony Alpha A9 Rs. 4,00,000
Sony Alpha a7iii Coming Soon

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